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Sailing Holiday in Croatia

The Croatian coast is a paradise for people who love the sea; the islands offer a number of havens, beaches and inlets. The climate is mild and the frequent breezy weather is ideal for sailing. The guests will discover an intense blue and crystal clear sea surrounding these islands.
Discover sailing holidays: our skippers will guide you on an unforgettable adventure around the islands of Croatia.

If you love the sea, sailing, nights in a deserted bay under a starry sky, docking your boat in a small fisherman’s harbour, eating seafood in a nice local inn, making new friends without ever getting bored… If you love all of this, then jump aboard with us!

Over the years, we’ve hosted lots of friends who now love, just like us or even more, the sea and sailing.
It’s not necessary to have experience to go on a cruise. The crew will be able to help with the sailing, including steering!